Craig Hales Art

Aloha Clark Takashima

Winter, who needs it.  Lets see?  Well I guess that it’s good in Hawaii.  The surf comes up.  It comes to life.  Blah, blah. Of course its true, but even in Hawaii they have to deal with life and the realities of it.  Yes Hawaii is paradise in many senses…but it is still the real world too.  Aloha is beautiful but it also means goodbye.  I hate saying goodbye. The reason I bring it up is we lost another good talented soul in Clark Takashima.  He was a special man and artist.  He was a major influence on my art.  I wanted my art to be more like Clark’s.  I wanted my website to be more like Clark’s.  He was a great artist.  He was supportive and encouraging and talented.  I want to be more like Clark.  It seems we take a little piece of lots of people that influence us and build our own character.  Like a  hand of cards.  You discard the ones that don’t help and choose better ones.  We will miss Clark.  However his art will live forever.  Sorry he had to go so soon.

My wife surprised me with a t-shirt created by Clark in support of Buttons when he was going through his cancer treatments.  She said the invoice was #2, so I wonder who beat her to the order page?  Because it was created by one of my favorite artists and represents one of my favorite persons, it is the only one that actually gets a hangar.