Craig Hales Art

About The Artist

Do you know how specific songs take you different places in your memory?  They remind us of a place and a time and even a feeling that took place.  It can be so moving.  I try to do that in my paintings.  It allows me to go to places I’ve been and recapture the essence of a place or a situation.  In many cases, those places were powerful and beautiful.  Many are of the ocean.

It’s my first great love.  Riding waves has been a part of my life for so long that I don’t remember much before it.  My father taught me to swim and body surf as a small child.  Our summer vacations were always at the beach.  They were good times.

As I grew older, I left my comfort zones for more challenging ocean spots.  As an adult, Hawaii and Mexico became some of my favorites.  I sense very strong “mana”, or spirit, in both areas.  They are very different, but both hold some really happy memories.  Those I try to share with you in my paintings.  I occasionally mix in some of my other favorite places like the East coast.

I hope you like what you see!